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Creative Process

Conceptual Reality has a proven track record of developing concepts into the final products. 
IMAGINE  A new product  all the way to a national brand launch.The fundamental process is always the same. Take an idea to from it’s existence . . . Apply force, bend and mold your idea into a reality.Conceptual Reality is the force that will forge your imagination into reality.


Shannon Rorabaugh



Creative Director

A true marketer with the muscle to expound a concept into its purest form.  With a MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management she can provide a global mindset rather than just inside the box thinking. Shannon directly over sees the areas of Development, Marketing, Operations.

With over 30 years around the stage and screen he has the experience to deliver some of the most spectacular events and memories.  As the Creative Director, David manages Production, Editing, Graphics Development, Event Management, and New Businesses opportunities. 


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